Monday, April 19, 2004


Go-Go White Sox
Ok, I haven't been a big sports guy in a while, but I do love my Chicago White Sox. Under new laid back manager Ozzie Guillen, they're starting out 8-4... their best record since 92. Constantly underappreciated in the home city and underrated throughout the league, the White Sox have one of the best records in baseball in the last 10-15 years. Their hitting is stacked - the unknown MVP candidate Magglio Ordonez, "big" Frank Thomas, who hit 42 dingers last year, perpetual 300-30 guys Paul Konerko and Carlos Lee, as well as ace pitching from All-Star starter Esteban Loiza (nice 2 hitter shutout yesterday pal!), Mark Burhle and th epotential of John Garland.

Yet, the last few years have seen mind-boggling underachievement. Sox fans blame this on the Cubs, their North side wussy fans and a Tribune (who owns the Cubs and Chicago's major newspaper) conspiracy. but this is why I love the Sox. They are South Siders, the stadium localted across the street from one of the poorest census tract in the country. Cubs games sell-out even when Sosa isn't playing, yet on game 2 this year at home, the Sox drew only 11,000 people. They are the perpetual underdog, who nonetheless provides much better baseball (and better food - i miss those grilled onions and pita sandwiches already). Since moving to LA, I am thanking God for WGN and TIVO - my lifeline to home.


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