Saturday, April 10, 2004

Blogs on Baghdad
Check out the 2 amazing blogs I've found from families in Baghdad linked on the right. They write every day in a way that cuts through all the BS and shows us what exactly our government and military are doing to the fabric of Iraqi society. If we can't have initially supportive, intelligent people like this on our side, we have no chance for victory.

From their comments on the recent uprising, I found little nugget of hypocrisy. Apparently the only guy we can get on the Iraqi Governing Council to talk about stopping the violence (by Iraqis) is a Mr. Al-Hakeem, who represents the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Getting beyond the irony of the fact that his group models itself on our arch-enemy Iran, this is a group that remains on our own Terrorist watch list (you would think why would have found a way to erase them by now) because of its links to deaths and destruction in thousands of cases. This is the reason they were sent out and we supported that. But now Mr. Hakim has turned into Gahndi, thinking that this act of ingratiation will leave him as the man to run Iraq on day. Too bad that the Iraqi people, as the bloggers show, know the truth.


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