Tuesday, March 30, 2004

New Rap Stuff:

There have been a whole lot of new rap releases that I should be real excited in recent weeks. But like most rap of late, I have come away disappointed and glad I saved my money.

Madvillian "Madvillianny" - While easily the most listenable of the recent flurry of MF Doom sideprojects, thanks to Madlib, the LP does not reach the high expectations this collab once suggested. While this LP could probably keep me entertained on the bus or in the car, there is little of DJ value. Madlib's beats are getting weirder and weirder, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just make for a difficult buy for many. Doom is making less sense as well, or maybe I am just getting older and more linear thinking. I think Doom needs to slow down ihs cadence and let his personality come through more... like the early Fondle Em 12s. The 12" plus "Meatgrinder" are probably the only must haves. 7/10

MURS "3:16 The 9th Edition" - I remember living for the next MURS joint. The Living Legends were it. Now they do so little for me. In concert a while back they had the whole crowd rocking but not me. I was in the back waiting for the jazzy, sample based stuff circa 96 to come on. Amazingly, they didn't do anything pre-2000 as far as I can tell. Their production had become this high-pitched energized boom-bap that sounds all the same when not done right. I told myself I was over them. This LP does restore some faith. Nice and short at 10 songs (over saturation of product was a Legends downfall as well Is believe), MURS' latest is a darn good hip-hop LP. There are some jems like reggae-thinged "Bad Man" and the filtered "HUSTLE." But MURS won't see my money. It must be me that has changed. 8/10

Sound Providers "An Evening With The Sound Providers" - Finally, at long last, a solid jazzy hip-hop record. This one I think I need to buy. 9/10.

Eyedea and Abilities - E&A - Eyedea has always been a classic case where his youthful live energy is lost on wax. Not that his lyrics aren't clever on paper or that his delivery is that bad (the dude definately has more than his share of experience on the MIC) it is just that... its boring. Eyedea's thing is the freestyle and he loses his edge with his writtens. He's also got that angry scrowl thing going on. The beats are wack for the most part. Abilities is a great dj, but has never matched fellow Rhymesayer's ANT's productions. 5/10

And oh yeah, the Zero 7 and NERD albums are pretty bad as well. Is anything sacred?

Faves of the Moment
Amp Fiddler - I Believe in You (Jaylib remix)
New CHPOS - esp. the Bahamadiah joint
Critically Acclaimed - Road Trip (f/ Phonte and Yahzarah)
DJ Nu-Mark - 'Brand Nu Live f/ J-Live)
New Troubleman (excitement)
Madvillian - various LP cuts
Plant Life - 3 AM and Bottle of Hope


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