Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The New Public Enemy #1
Muqtadar al-Sadr and 2 burnt US corpses have changed everything in Iraq. In what is sure to be the bloodiest week in Iraq since we've been there, the last shards of argument that the neo-cons held sacred have now turned into dust. Forget fabricated WMDs and Al-Queda links, we now can say without hesitation that there is no liberation for a people afraid to go out at night, there is no freedom for those who are not with us, there is no democracy outside of tribes and bribes and there is no possibility of stability as long as we are there.

Mr. al-Sadr has just cemented his role as an Iraqi hero; someone who's face will seen on posters and who's green and black colors will become the official symbols of the resistance. If he is captured or killed this will happen sooner rather than later. Thousands will line up to follow him in martyrdom. This is a wholly preventable disaster - but one that is perhaps necessary at this stage. Sadr's intolerance is bad for Iraq but his courage to be the first to stand up to force with force will go down in Iraqi lore for eternity. This is a country that cherished its militant anti-imperialism past. Its legion of past ambushers and revolutionaries all have street names named after them - even before Sadaam. Sadr already has a burg the size of Boston. By singling him out in a massive PR offensive yesterday, the US has assured him his place in the entire Shiite crescent. I was hoping the one to stand up would be a Commuinst, but such is Iraq - where Communists are the moderates and religious minded folk are the radicals.

I want to stop this now by pulling out and bringing the UN in for immediate elections. But every person I read or hear says we must not waver - and that we must remain in force until it is quiet. The same foreign policy/military elite thinking that had us staying in Vietnam (and Cambodia and Laos) for years too long, is at it again. There must be an "honerable" end to this. Of course, it will be the Iraqis and US servicemen who pay the price of official hubris. And when there is no honor to be had, there must only be more and more dead Iraqi bodies - to show the boys in Texas that we have won this thing.

What would Kerry do? Ther truth is nothing different. Other democrats talk ish from the sidelines now that it is ok but were nowhere to be seen before the war warning of these things. Only socialists across the globe saw this for what is was - and for this we will only receive more wrath from the disgraced elites.


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