Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Air America First Impression: Liberal talk radio is a good idea in premise, but I fear for the execution.

First off,: fire Randy Rhodes! I don't know who this Florida woman is, but she tels us she is a big radio star ever 10 minutes. I tune at 11 LA time and I get an liberal version of all those annoying loud right-wing ladies on the air. Cutting people off left and right, loving to hear herself talk, over-simplifying everything possible and talking for a half hour about how Bush is a wuss because he flew to Nebraska after 9/11. To top it off, and lose me for good after only an hour, she had the nerve to be utterly disrespectul and rude to Ralph Nader, forcing him eventually to hang up on her saying "this is not a good start for Air America." I agree. This is a man that had done more good for America than anyone else I can think of at the moment. You can argue about whether to vote for him is a good idea, but please lay off the fear-baiting and undemocratic notion that he can not run for office (and keep Kerry in check now that Dean is gone). And at least give the man some respect.

I do think Franken will be very good on radio - and Garafolo I respect. I missed Chuck D though.... will catch him tomorrow. But this Randi Rhodes seems to be on all the time and I hate it. Her politics are too much on the right and she seems too used to pandering to the lowest common denominator - Floridians ;)


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