Tuesday, April 13, 2004

"Wasn't My Fault" - The Hearings and Press Conference Refrain
The leaders of today and yesterday taught America's children a wonderful lesson on responsibility today. If you are called before your country to provide an honest account of how tragedy can be averted, say:

1) It was the stupid rules and regulations that are the problem.
2) It was everyone but me that was the problem.
3) It was everyone from the other political party that was the problem.

Isn't this precisely what all the so-called conservatives were to up in arms about when Clinton was squirming his way out of answering (admittedly far more irrevelent and stupid) questions? Or maybe it was about s-e-x, not accepting responsibility after all.

It was great to watch Bush feign thinking hard when asked if he could redo something in the last 2 1/2 years. Of course an answer is politically untenable (and maybe THAT is part of the problem America??) but you also got the impression that he seriously has not thought of things like this before. Maybe reading Psalms before bedtime allieves the period of reflection and thoughtful concern that I imagine the rest of us with far less responsibility have many nights.


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