Saturday, July 10, 2004

Biggie Case Against LAPD Allowed to Go To Court!

After 2 years of courtroom arguing a judge has finally allowed the suit against members of the LAPD to go forward in the murder of Biggie Smalls. The plot alleged by BIGs mom and Faith Evans is the same one featured in the Biggied and Tupac documentary and a recent article in Rolling Stone - that is corrupt cops on the payroll fo Suge Knight carried out the murder of BIG. Evidence places 2 cops at the scene on Wilshire Blvd and witnesses have IDd the shooter as a member of the force. Evidence approved in Court also points the finger at the LAPD Chief for shutting down the investigation by taking a lead officer off the case and never interviewing the suspects.

Don't know why this wasn't bigger news when it broek 2 weeks ago. I just happened to go online after watching Broomfield's documentary on Trio, wanting to know what the status of the lawsuit was. If this is true - and it does make perfect sense - than this might be the crowing layer of the endemic corruption that infests the LAPD - and police across the country.


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