Wednesday, May 19, 2004

An Israeli tank drives through a battle scarred area of Rafah, May 19, 2004. Israeli forces opened fire on a protest march in the besieged Gaza refugee camp on Wednesday, killing eight Palestinians and raising the death toll in Israel's heaviest raid in the Gaza Strip in years to 31. Some witnesses reported seeing helicopter gunships launching missiles while others said tanks fired shells into a peaceful crowd of thousands, sending people fleeing in panic, some dragging bloodied comrades with them. Photo by Nir Elias/Reuters

And the Palestinians aren't supoosed to want to get revenge on the Israelis. They are supposed to renoucne violence when over 3,000 homes have been demolished in 3 1/2 years, when the death count is in the thousands, when an army comes in and unilaterally changes internationally agreed to borders, when no one else does to defend them from more weeks like this. They are supposed to turn the cheek, while Israel is "within its rights."


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