Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mainstream Anti-Americanism

An article in the Washington Post finds that Anti-Americanism is becoming THE defining issue in Capitals around the world and that those with Anti-US credentials are moving into the mainstream.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for and what I hoped would be the silver lining of our Iraqi adventure. The potential benefits are stull too nebulous and tenuous to state for certain. But we are likely to see more Bush backers leave office over the next year or 2 (Tony Blair, John Howard, Berlusconi, etc.) as well as increased pressure on the US to do the right things in international fora. Of course our own election will dictate how this affects outcomes, but all those who care about our world should be pleased.

Again, this is what seperates radicals from liberals. Liberals will gladly use the lost prestige in an election, but not by conceding core neo-colonialist values and US corporate domination. Kerry has the same Iraq policy as Bush now, he opposes Kyoto, debt forgiveness, the International Criminal Court, peacekeepers in Israel and the rest of the World's main concners. Only an awakening that comes with a world without allies can nudge some of these positions.


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