Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Television Round-up - What I've Been Watching

Tralor Park Boys (BBC America - Thursday) - The funniest new show since Significant Others, which came and went on Bravo 2 months ago. It falls under the increasingly common (and wonderful) mockumentary genre and seems to be written by a similar, yet more witty and socially concerned (Canadian), crop of writers as Reno 911. The show follows the crazy everyday excapades of a down on their luck, yet instantly relateable, Trailor Park community. Check it out before the critical deluge swarms... as of now it seems under the radar.

State of Play (BBC America) - My political noir fix for the moment. A six-part miniseries involving politics, journalism and murder that is waaaay better than most of the dramas on network TV. To be turned into a movie...

WGN Superstarr USA (WGN nightly) - The guilty pleasure, best watched with friends. This American Idol rip-off turns the tables and gives those of us who never watched American Idol for the talent the last laugh. Yes its deadly mean and I am sure guilt will wash over us all when the scam has been revealed (they hilariously mock the good singers and sing praises upon the bad and funny), but it is entertaining to see the good get dissed and losers feel like a million dollars.

24 (Fox Tuesday) - Has gotten mad crazy and the plot inconsistencies are multiplying each episode lately... a consequence of the innately unrealistic hour by hour time period the show takes in. But I got to give it to the writers for giving us a terrorist villian who is 1)white 2)motivated by something other than money, 3) who is allowed to spout off about the injustice of American dominance and 4)who matches the hero Agent (Jack) at every move.

Independent Lens (PBS) - A Godsend from the progressive documentary supporters at PBS. Every week I am enthralled by a new and wonderfully unique socially minded doc. Last week a trio of Cambodian 19-21 year olds (2 child refugees)who now reside in San Fran's rough Tenderloin District are taken back to the motherland to reunite with left behind family members. Pure brilliance every time.


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