Wednesday, May 26, 2004

News Stories I'm Checkin

First of all, the toll in the floods of Hispaniola is deeply sad. Cuban doctors are on the scene (90% of the county's area is served by Cubans).

Abuse - Is common in US police stations, high school showers, frat houses, prisons and War. I think the interesting angles are the private contractor aspect, the female aspect, the photographing of it, the obvious "intellicence" involvement, the pure sickness of it, the always 180 degree Bush response, the wasteful Abu Ghraib demolition proposal. Hey, some things get a life of their own in the media - and sometimes you just let it tear a path. Kerry ain't saying nothin much though... dude wake up.

Lets get specific about SOVIERGNTY - The UN Resolution is shaping out to do just that. That's why we dislike the UN - but now we HAVE to go though it. Our faltering has re-credited the Security Council as the ultimate moral and political authority.

Venezuela - The Washington Post ran an especially nasty editorial against Hugo Chavez, next to the space they gave him. They'll call a foreign President a liar so easily but NEVER our own. Also several critical misleads: First paragraph they claim that polls consistenty show Chavez will lost the recall. I'll be my life against this. Next, they calim that the poor are worse off. Well, yes the treason-like strike by the rich alst year did cut GDP by a lot, but it is rebounding strong this year (double-digit growth is expected). Still, Chavez has monumetality increased the poor's influence in their own affairs through great concentration on participatory democracy as well as tangible doubling health care spending and tripling the education budget. The Post also claims intimidation of voters by Chavez's goons. Yet by all accounts, including the Carter Center's, the voting was very free and fair and there were no reports of such incidents - government sponsored or not. Typical half-truths the media gets away on the regular.

Olympics - Cuba and Rio lost their bids. With China preceding 2012 in 2008, neither had a chance. Greece has been run over the ringer but I think it may well be the best and most interesting Olympics in ages.

In Los Angeles - the major downtown redevelopment scheme around the Disney Center will not go to the f*cking badass architect team - Gehry, Normon Foster and the Iraqi woman who won the Pritzker. It is clear the Committee of developers went on financial merits above design. Well I should wait until the design(s) comes out. F the Lakers (had to hide that)


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