Tuesday, June 15, 2004

New FOX TV Shows

North Shore - I was looking forward to this based on the notion's I had read that there is some subversiveness in the show's theme - that is rich people are a**holes and the working classes are noble. While I did see glipses of such last night, I also watched a boring show with bad writing that came about as close to reality as Bush gets. Plot lines showing how staff responds to a guest needing his Lambourgini or a 15 year-old harlet coming on to a lifeguard were all style and no substance. It might have just enough hot babes, hunks and beautiful scenery to pull viewers though.

Casino - Another winner from Mark Burnett. While it started out slow and featured a little more reality "planting" than I prefer, the concept is good enough to lure me in. Two typical young rich men think owning a casino is the coolest thing in the world - and want to bring back the "old vegas." Problem is that this does not fit into the marketing texts of his staff, nor can it really be replicated in today's day and age, without alienating 90% of the general public. When a newly hired young lounge singer draws the line at billy joel requests and audience members on stage, the entertainment manager makes clear who is in charge in Vegas - the customer, tackiness and all - I recognize why reality TV is a really cool thing and has so much potential. The audience has to choose sides, and even if you don't mind the cheesiness of "uptown girl," you likely relate to the young man's dignity and sneer upon the corportate know-it-alls.

The Next Action Star - Awful version of American Idol for action starts, except the judges are boring and the action is even more so. For some reason, all those kicks and punches don't look as cool when you are doing it alone on stage. Who would have thought?


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