Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Nothing like lying in bed next to my balcony, catching 94 degree sun rays in March... or barbequeing into the night with a short sleeve shirt a block from the beach. What a weekend in LA. I didn't think I was much of a weather person, but it really does give you one less thing to worry about.

Recent shows I've seen:
Quantic - Djin at Club sugar (Santa Monica) last Sat. I'm continually impressed at the nicely sized and enthusiastic crowds for relatively obscure weekday acts in LA. THis was my first time to Club Sugar -they also host the westsiiide's edition of Transistor Lounge and it is pretty comfy... I like the fishtank wall, but wondered if the bass was good for them. Anyhow, the groove was tight from the moment in the door - thanks to Ms. Valida, spinning broken beat classics of the moment like carl craig's "angola" remix of Cesoria Evora. Quantic came in... you can always tell a Brit by their face, why is that... and basically played music that tried to make you guess whether it was produced this past year or in 1972. Neo-funk and not enough hip-hop or other voicey/wordy stuff as I recall. But now that I try to rememer more, I realize I was pretty drunk when I arrived, so the details are not as clear as they should be. I do remember that the bouncer tried hitting on my girlfriend while walking out and I very nearly had serious words, but luckily (for him ;) ) he had ducked back into the club.

B+ and Jeremy Sole (f/ Capoeira Brazil dancing!!) Djin at Zanizibar - Thursday. Jeremy Sole does have beats - and lots of energy. And he mixes stuff like dancehall, brazillian and nubeats more seamlessly than anyone I've seen. The girlies love it! We actually went to this because of the Capoeira though... my girl is taking lessons with the group. The dancers provided even more energy and proved through their infectious chanting that the human voice is still the most enchanting instrument (over phat drums and a berimbau). Of course, the link to breakin was palatable... still waiting for a good article breaking that all down. Later B+ (aka Brian Cross, hip-hop photographer/director dujour) spun things keeping in the nu-latin batucada vibe. Nice, but again, where's a litte hip-hop and original Brazillian songs. Maybe I show up at these things too late.

This coming week we have the return of 60 Channels (always liked the Angel's work, but didn't care for the last D&B oriented 60 Channels work), J-Live and PUTS on the same night as Madlib/MF Doom and the Stones Throw soundsystem massive (why oh why?), the extremely promising Build an Ark/Sa-Ra collective outfit (check the amazing work on the Sun Ra remiz LP), Lil Louie Vega's live outfit with Blaze... eager for this because I realize I am missing the ubiquitous of good house in Chicago.


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