Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hai (Yes) ... White Sox best Start Since 1935

That is right, 12-4 yall. The starting pitching (plus Hermanson and Marte) has been astounding, as has the defense and baserunning, but we are also leading the AL in home runs at 20 (Paul Konerko stands alone with 7). We have won the first 2 games in every series we've played so far and topped all the Central division contenders.

At this point I have to remind America that our national experts at ESPN Baseball Tonight and Sports Center totally ignored the White Sox in their pre-season assesments, though they found time to mention Cleveland, Detroit, the Twins and even the Royals. But there was no mention of the White Sox by Kruk and Co.

No mention of Iguchi, the great looking 300 hitting 2b we picked up from Japan, let alone Takatsu, who floats unhittable frisbees up there with the best of em (19/20 saves last year). Or Podsednik's lead-off prowness (6 sb), or Carl Everett (4th in RBIs), or Crede's MLB best hit streak, or the starting pitching's under 2.50 average, or that we don't even have Frank Thomas yet.... let alone who Aaron Rowand is and that we also have Jermaine Dye.

It feels good. It feels possible, especially with the Yankees choking.


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