Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ineptness of Democrats on Iraq Elections

The left appeared to be very put aback by the Iraqi election. That maybe 60% of the population voted, (more than us!) and ONLY 50 Iraqis were killed, most Democrats were believing we might now be "turning the corner." The media is in awe of the majesticism of "the hug" between the Iraqi woman and US mother - who certainly should owe their hatred more towards the GOP than the Left.

All the hyperbole ("1776") might be true, had the Sunni's not boyctted the election and the insurgent's morale remain undiminished. It's worth noting that there was little violence in Sunni areas. It was a political choice, not fear, that kept people away in Ramadi, Falujah and other in the land of evil. So we will begin the democratic process trying to suficciently bribe Sunni leaders to join the religionization (and civil war) of the nation.

It appears from early reports that we'll soon have a political body full of Shiite fundamentalists and no-name indentured servents. We now have groups with terrorist and violent histories at all levels of iraqi power (allawi, al-dawa, badr brigades, etc). We are likely to see incompetance, nepotism and corruption on huge scale.

We had an election where voters didn't know who they were voting for, where there was zero debate, zero participation, zero deliberation, etc. We now know that significant areas lacked adequate ballots and perhaps hundreds of thousands were disenfranchised (millions in us terms), that there were no election monitors and that this solves really nothing.

As polls have found that 92% view us as occupiers and just 4% as liberators, I think that Iraqis have themselves shown their disagreement with Bush's assessment of the situation. The vote is seen by everyday Iraqis as the way to get us to leave. Truly that is what the Iraqi wants. But any such suggestion in the US is seen as complete foolardedness that is sooo pre- purple finger day.


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