Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Go Go White Sox Are Back

There's a buzz among White Sox fans that I haven't felt in.... oh 2 or 3 years. Yes, we are an ever-hopeful - and forever disappointed - lot. But GM Kenny Williams has again shown he knows how to make lemonade.

Last year's obviously top-heavy (slow) power linupe is gone, replaced by some of the fastest, most all-around players in baseball. And the pitching's certain to be top-rate now that the dreaded 5th spot is filled (by the aquisisitions of the both Cuban hurlers - El Duque and Contrerasalong with Freddy Garcia - who take back seat to #1 Mark Burhle). The team has been completely re-tooled, losing (tragically) Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Lee, but keeping big Frank Thomas (coming back from injury), Carl Everett, Paul Konerko (41 HR), Juan Uribe and Aaron Rowand (batted 310 last year). Key pick-ups include Jermaine Dye, Scott Podesnik (70 sb), sox-killer AJ Pierzynski (career 294). Last week we signed the latest Japanese sensation 2b - Tadahito Iguchi.

Should be interesting for sure. I am counting the 14 days to spring training beginning, then seeing the Sox v Cubs in Mesa in March, then opening day.


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