Friday, January 07, 2005

Chicago Hip-Hop History - A Chronological History

Just came across this magnum opus of a Chicago hip-hop history written by the right man: Kevin Beachem aka AMC aka Formless aka the host of THE best hip-hop radio show this country has even seen (Time Travel on WNUR 89.3)... yeah I said it and meant it.

Time Travel once did a year by year retrospective of hip-hop from 79-99 I think - 20 shows in a row. They did shows on the evolution of sampling, on Canada, on DJ Premier on the beatbox, etc. The man did his homework... those shows should have been saved for the Smithsonian.

Mmmm.... Just reading this brings me back: Props Awards (local hip-hop awards show), Caught in the Middle magazine - one of the best mags ever, Flypaper, Steady Serv's "you go the time," Upski, teh Elbo Room, Dem Dere parties, the Rage hip-hop events phone line, 3rd Rail's Subway hip-hop tapes....

The history is hosted on the Galapagos 4 label's website (big up yourselves)


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