Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Message of Tsunami Hope from Bluey (Incognito)...

(from the Incognito news forum

Like all of you I'm operating in a state of shock at the loss of human life caused by the Quake and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. My heartfelt love and condolences goes out to all those who have lost family and friends in this terrible tragedy.

I have so many friends from the devastated regions of Indonesia who lost their lives. So many children who once greeted and treated me like family are gone. Their small islands disappeared forever! My spirit is lifted by the incredible and positive response for aid from everyone the world over. We the human race are now closer than ever and behaving like One Nation, I hope we can go on showing this Love, Understanding and Support to our brothers and sisters around the globe from here on!

I have written a song with Graham Harvey which we will record with the help of all the Incognito family and friends, the proceeds of which we will donate to help save and rebuild the lives of those so desperately in need. Our project name will be 'HOPE COLLECTIVE'. Featured artists recording with us tomorrow include:

Chaka Khan
Jocelyn Brown
Steve Winwood
Maysa Leak
Carleen Anderson
Taka Boom
Amp Fiddler
Maxi Jazz
Jamie Callum
Lemar Raghav

Look out for us on the various news channels tomorrow. We┬╣ll be doing it for all our brothers and sisters around the world! I thank you all for everything that you are personally doing to help, and for the support that I know you will be giving us with this record. I also thank all those who will be taking part in this project ahead of time. I quote Mother Teresa at this time: 'In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love' Peace Bluey


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