Wednesday, December 08, 2004

We Need A Massive Nationwide March for the Innauguration

We must demand:

The resignation of Donald Rumsfield, for mismanaging nearly every aspect of the War, for standing against the 9/11, for innocent families paying for deceptive "stop loss" policies, for countless number of disproportionate uses of force -- not counting torture and disregarding the Geneva Convention.

The gradual hand over of complete soviegnty to a fully-representatve Iraqi democratic structure. A time table schedule to draw down troops.

A re-committment to consider working with the Kyoto Protocol - under an "alternative path" that has yet to be disclosed by the bush Administration.

A sincere recommittment to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and establishment of a Palestinian state this after the elections results are accepted - regardless of the outcome.

No more tax cuts for the rich, no to privitization of Social Security, no to political Jusicial nominations.


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