Saturday, December 11, 2004

Matin Luther/Viktor Duplaix live in Los Angeles

Location: Conga Room
Date: Thursday, December 9th

Stepped in about 10:30 to the sounds of underrated dj viktor duplaix. every time i see this guy spin i am impressed. i've seen 3 different sets from him - an uptempo nu-jazz set, a varied soul-dripping set at DEMF and now this one for the heads. Remembered hearing Jill Scott/Theo Parrish, Skyy can you feel Me, Down Jimmy, Glorious... etc. From an empty room the party got going pretty quick, but was killed just as quick for Mr. Legend.

Martin Luther came onstage with his patch-filled jean jacket, which notibibly included loser nineties band Live. I soon realized that this electric guitar player was not the gospelly piano player I thought I was coming to see - John Legends, who had been in Hollywood the prior week. I confused this Roots protege with Kanye's protege I guess. Anyhow, I kind of got the feeling the crowd felt the same way, giving him a lackuster reception. I felt worse for Mr. Saul Williams, who as the special unanounced guest, expected at least a couple hoots and claps. He did a great poem as part of the obligitory political portion of the set. Nothing really grabbed me as part of the rock-heavy set... but i did stay feeling that such a song would come...


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