Wednesday, January 05, 2005

And The Moral of the Story is....

A story of 3 Men; 2 are heroes and one died disgraced.

One man spent his life trying to uncover hidden terrorist and extra-judicial acts committed by our Government in our name. Another man spent much of his early life participating in these very kinds of acts - sabotage, terrorism, assassinations, bio-chemical warfare - on another innocent country. The third man is a lawyer who prepares shamefully one-side legal briefs that result in highly questionable executions and the circumvention of democracy to allow torture.

The first man is Gary Webb, a hero of a journalist. He died broke, lonely and a man disavowed by those who were supposed to share his passion for telling truth to power. The second man is our new Director of Central Intelligence Porter Goss. Goss cut his teeth at the secret JM/Wave CIA station in Miami, where Italian mobsters and Cuban terrorists received training and checks from you and me - in failing to bring down Castro's Cuba. The last man is of course Alberto Gonzales, Bush's pick for top law enforcement official in the country. Able to accomplish rendering the foundation of international law irrelevant as a private counsel, it will great fun to see what he can do as Top Cop.

And we wonder why people don't take the War on Terrorism seriously. In what other country do heroes for democracy get treated this way, while villians get promoted? Look at General Shinseki, look at those leaving the CIA, look at Richard Clarke, look at the Medal of Freedom award winners, look at Powell and Rice, look at the terrorist-connected people running our Latin American affairs Department.

Webb is a most tragic story. A man who risked literally everything to tell the truth to power. Even after his apparent suicide, most of his newspaper writing peers still could not stop themselves from doing the Empire's work - by continuing the myth of Webb's groundbreaking work having been "discredited." This is because the liemasters at the CIA says aspects of the story was not so (the major gist of our Government's involvement in drugs and guns was never disputed). Even upon Webb's death, and after facts had piled up to support the story, the press still could not muster a tribute without using the word "discredited." This word never appeared in tributes to Reagan's economic polcies of course...


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