Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A Bush Mass Grave in Iraq

At least 11,000 - probably no more than 13,500. That is the probable number of dead Iraqi civilians that the War has resulted in. Please check out first study, which gives the names, ages, occupations, # of dependents and income of each casualty during the awar itself. The second site is based solely on news accounts and therefore probably is low.


Other quotes gleaned from teh excellend Baghdad Blogs website linked on the right:

Of the 37 members of the new Iraqi government, 11 were actually living inside of Iraq. Of those 11, one or two are known to be quite competent. The rest are either unknown or generally infamous

It feels like anyone who can, is trying to find a way out of Iraq. Last summer, people who hadn't been inside of Iraq for years were clamoring to visit the dear homeland that had been 'liberated' (after which they would clamor to leave the dear homeland). This summer, it is the other way around. The Syrian and Jordanian borders are packed....


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