Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The US Government's Plan for Bringing Down the Cuban Revolution - And Stepping in To Assure US and Cuban Exile Dominance There Afterwards

"It is not right, nor do we accept, any external element, whether from the United States of America, Europe or anywhere else, trying to design the Cuban transition process or supposedly becoming an actor in that process," said Oswaldo Payá, leading anti-Castro dissident.

For those who don't track US-Cuba relations as much as I do, a quick recap: Bush is in deep debt to the Cuban exile community in Florida for the election results - and desperately needs them on board in November. Therefore, despite both Houses of Congress approving the right for Americans to travel to Cuba last year (it is now the one county we are not allowed to go to in the world), Bush has continued looking for ways to make the Miami nutters happy by tightening the screws even tighter. This past weekend Bush approved (again around Congress) a hand-picked Commission's recommendations to do just that by:

+Provide an additional $60 million to finance the counter-revolution in Cuba by aiding mercenaries and funding PR efforts around the world to harm the reputation of the Revolution and reduce foreign tourism there. Airplanes will also be used to send propaganda to Cubans by overtaking their radio and TV broadcasts.

+To limit the remittances Cuban-Americans can provide to family members in Cuba. Now cousins, uncles, aunts are no longer eligible - making them the only family members in the world unable to receive familial assistance. Also remittances are not allowed to go to "government officials" and Communist Party members. So a Cuban would have to quit his job or renounce his political rights in order to get assistance.

+To limit trips to Cuba by Cuban-Americans to once every 3 years from every year, and the amount they can spend while there was lowered from $164 to $50 - a completely random and unrealistic sum.

I am comforted in that I am not alone in my strong condemnation of this disgraceful act by our Government. Every major newspaper outside Florida and New Jersey that has commented has blasted these measures as 1)likely to be ineffective in their arrogant goals - because it plays right into Castro's hands, and 2)is extremely politically motivated and 3)is morally reprehensible to choking thethee Cuban people's right to development even further. In addition, the major so-called dissidents active in Cuba ave all criticized the recommendations.

In reading this report though, something even more sinister comes out. There are clear plans to overrun the country,witht the help of the exile country - and make major changes to the country outside of legal bounds. In just the first few pages of thefarcicall titled Chapter 2 "Meeting the Basic Human Needs in Health, Education, Housing and Human Services" (lets try meeting our own basic needs first on the level of Cuba first please), there are plans to literally invade the country withbureaucratss and Miami exiles in order toprivatizee education and health services, rewrite all school textbooks and carry our "needs assessments."


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