Monday, May 03, 2004

More Cuba Madness - Sorry but I find this stuff incredible

May Day in Havana - Over a million people vow to carry on the struggle against injustice, inspired by the 8-hour workday victory by leftists after the execution of 4 Chicago Anarchists in 1887.

Regime Change Plan for Cuba Now US Policy
A Bush appointed Commission has isued a 500 page report that proposes steps to make regime change, not merely democratic transition, the new US policy on Cuba. Steps likely will include rudely overpowering Cuba's radio and television channels with our own propoganda, stepped up funding of so-called dissident activites and limiting the amount of money family members can send to Cuba in remittences. This is all part of an attempt to keep Bush's support in the critical Florida Cuban community, rightly thanking them for his election.

US Govt. Spends More to Track Cuban Tourists than Bin Laden and Hussein's Money
The US Treasury Department devotes two dozen staffers to tracking down and fining people like me who want to visit a place without McDonalds, while it has just 4 persons total working to track down Osama Bin Laden's and Sadaam Hussein's money trail. Since 1994, that has translated into more than 10,000 investigations against US citizens and just 93 for cases related to the duo that has ben threatening the free world.


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