Thursday, March 25, 2004

US Interferes in El Salvador Elections - In what has come to be expected, widely heard comments by Bush Administration officials on the eve of a foriegn election, had immoral and illegal effect of altering its results. No one in El Salvador misunderstood the US when various officials threatened a severe worsening of relations with Washington - affecting immigration accords, remittances (money sent home), economic investment and AID - if voters did the unthinkable and voted in a true left-wing party, the FLMN. Instead they elected a 39 year old sportscaster from the ruling ARENA party - the part founded by business and land-owning interests. The gap between rich and poor, the abyssmal services and the rampant (largely US-tied gang related) crime are expected to continue to worsen. Imagine if there were such interference in our elections.


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