Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Veneuzela: More Gains for the People

On Feb. 6, Venezuela President Hugo Chávez officially inaugurated his campaign for reelection to a second six-year term. He bagan by announcing 3 new social programs aimed at improving the condition of Venezuela’s poor.

This comes at the same time it is revealed that the Bush Administration plans to begin illegal transmissions of Voice of America radio and TV broadcasts to Venezuela. Considering how the entire private media in Venezuela is anti-Chavez to one degree or another, the proposal is a complete waste of taxpayer money (this, while Bush wants to cut NPR).

Anyhow, here are some of the benefits that keep on rolling out from revolutionary Venezuela.

1) A 15-percent increase in the minimum wage.

2) The introduction of a $200 a month stipend to poor homemakers. The stipend recognizes that household work is an economic activity that generates wealth. Beneficiaries could quickly rise above half a million. support will be based on their maritial status, how many children they have, their living conditions and already existing levels of family support.

3) $449 million will be spent revamping the National Public Healthcare system under the guidance of Cuban doctors and advisors. Amongst other things the money will be used to buy more than 30,000 pieces of new medical equipment and upgrade hospitals.


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