Monday, February 06, 2006

Cuba Responds to US Ticker with Homage to Terror Victims

Cubans hold photographs of countymen killed by acts of US sponsored terrorism as black flags wave outside the U.S Interests Section in Havana.

It is up and it what a solemnly meaningful piece of work it is! After a week of waiting anxiously, Cuban President Fidel Castro unveiled one by one dozens of black flags with a single white "Marti" star - a reminder of the 3,000 victims to terrorism Cuba has lost in its 46-year battle with US sponsored and financed terrorism. The black a reminder of the continuing actions by the US that are at odds with its hypocritical crusade against terror. That of course being the imminent release of Luis Posada Carilles, the Hemisphere's biggest terrorist and the continued detainment of the Cuban 5 - 5 brave men who infiltrated Miami's exile terrorist world to defend their homeland against aggression.

Of course, the mainstream US press keeps finding ways to make this about "blocking" the US' electronic ticker. This despite them actually knowing that they are lying when they write that. If it was "designed" to block, why doesn't it do the job from all but maybe 5% of vantage points, including the most critical - from the Malecon? They story just sounded too good for Us journos to leave such fantasies out apparently.

Fidel Castro Honors Victims of Terrorism
Havana, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Fidel Castro honors an homage to the victims of terrorism on the Island at the Jose Marti Anti-imperialist Plaza.

The homage also gathers victims of these crimes, their relatives and the people who chose the plaza across the US Interest Sections in Havana following a record enlargement.

In short press release the homage has been described as a tribute and denounce of the pain inflicted by the loss of more than 3,000 nationals killed in US financed criminal terrorist actions.


Blogger jsb said...

Those 3000 innocents deserve to be memorialized. But thousands more killed after the revolution will never be memorialized until the dictator, who controls all media, jobs, food, who exports revolution, who imprisons dissidents and isolates the people from the free expression they deserve to be engaged in...until that dictator is gone, the rest of the victims are forgotten. But then, it's ok to terrorize and murder in the name of socialism for some.

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