Friday, January 27, 2006

Venezuela: Spy Ring for US Uncovered, US "Diplomat" Flees

We learned yesterday of the uncovering of a spy ring in Venezuela, whereby naval officers are accused of passing military secrets to the US Defense Department. Today we find out that the US naval attache, John Correa, a suspect in the case, has fled the country after facilitating the escape of several Venezuela naval officers. Looks like more bad news for the US and surely doesn't help the case of the opposition who claims Chavez is just paranoid all the time. Imagine the uproar if the scenario was in reverse. At present, we have 93 articles in Google, with most major papers running small blurbs on the first part of the story this AM.

(From VHeadline) US naval attache, John Correa (attached to the US Embassy in Caracas), is reported to have fled Venezuela in haste following allegations that he had bribed several low-ranking Venezuelan naval officers into passing top-secret information to the United States. Diario-VEA reports today (Friday) that Correa allegedly facilitated the escape to Miami of several of the Venezuelan officers accused in the latest espionage scandal to have rocked the government of President Hugo Chavez Frias. Correa is believed to have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) collecting strategic information in Venezuela's military operating capacity and weaponry.


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