Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cuba: 1 of 12 Cubans March With Castro Against US

News tickers and typical US media headlines read stuff like "In Cuba, Fidel Castro Blasts US Over Human Rights Message," "A Massive War of Words," and straight lazy lies like "Castro Equates Bush With Hitler" (based on the signs above by someone who didn't obviously look at the signs).

But I really love reading Voice of America (VOA) at times like this. Not only does it reveal a well coordinated plot by its State Department master, but it shows a failed one. State expected the day to center around the sign, but Castro made only passing reference to it, (calling it a provocation no other country would stand for). But the message penetrated the DC Press Corps, who focused coverage on it rather than the imminent release of a notorious terrorist.

Also, check out State's clumsy misuse of the word "irony" in their hammed prepared text:"I find it ironic that the Cuban government is organizing these protests against these messages that are being put up on the U.S. interests section in Havana, with quotes about freedom from Martin Luther King and other topics," State's Spokesman said. I can't believe they let this guy McCormack speak for our country to the world!? What is really ironic is the US broadcasting MLK messages about rising up against an oppressive (US) Government. Of course, according several King biographers King privately described himself as a Marxist" and spoke very highly of socialist Sweeden and Norway. The FBI recorded him saying..."The whole structure of American life must be changed.... We are engaged in the class struggle... which must be an era of revolution.... "

Despite this sideshow, a few reports did actually mention the REAL reason for the 1.4 million person march (that lasted 7 glorious hours past the US diplomats window); That is the likely imminent release of Luis Posada Carriles to a third country, NOT Venezuela where he escaped from prison and is wanted for extradition. It appears this is how a criminal government hides its terrorist crimes - in bureaucratic drips and drabs and hypocrisy so deep the press couldn't even begin to tell straight if they tried. Carriles is, of course, the Hemisphere's biggest terrorist, but I wouldn't expect ANY non-Cuba watcher to know that. Does Newsweek say Al-Qaeda "allegedly" blew up the WTC? (Carriles has been found guilty, had Cubana Airlines schedules, the admitted bombers worked for him, and there is evidence of planning meetings he attended).

Cuba's own 9 point reason for the march was 1) Demand extradition of Carriles to Venezuela, 2)/3) call Attention to the failure of US to strangle Cuba's economy/ despt new attempts that hurt families, as well as 4)The Cuban-exile crowd running Washington's Latin desk, 5) Stop the laughable US "Plan for transition in Cuba," 6) The recent Bush action on changing the migration accords, 7) The Coming push to slow agriculture purchases from the US, 8) The forced rupture of any diplomatic relations with continued shenanigans .


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