Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cuba: VOA Calls Posada "Anti-Castro Activist" in Headline

Today the US funded "independent" news service Voice of America (VOA) ran a headline that stated, "US Considering Moving Anti-Castro Activist to Third Country." I guess that has a little better connotation than "CIA's favorite sabatuer" or "Hemisphere's biggest terrorist," which would actually be true statements. This looks like continued maneuvering to make way for the imminent release of Luis Posada Carriles to a friendly 3rd country... like El Salvador, maybe (there aren't many compliant states any more down south)? This, after an ICE judge ruled that he will not process the extradition order by Venezuela on truly laughable grounds that he may be tortured there. This is really ironic in so many ways, like America's own use of torture, it's apparent routine kidnapping to torturing states, and that Venezuela has not seen much torture since the 1970's, when Posada himself headed their feared intelligence agency, doing the US's dirty work. (at least 3 brave pro-Castro Miami-Cuban groups are calling for extradition)


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