Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Miami: Cuban Spy Story - A Perfect Lens

Cuba watchers immediately smelled a rat with the arrest of 2 Florida International University (FIU) faculty members last week for what the press lazily has called "spying for Cuba." Actually espionage was not alleged; the 2 are charged for failing to register as foreign agents with the U.S. government, which carries up to 10 years in prison.

Those who know the Alvarez's reacted with stunneddisbelief at the news. Collegues called Carlos a "real jem of a guy," "an excellent person," someone everyone loved. FIU President Mitch Maidique (a 25-year long friend) even attended the bond hearing to lobby for their release on bond. Instead, incredibly, bond was denied with the Judge ruling the Alvarez's a flight risk. This despite the fact that the Alvarez's knew the charge was coming for a while now and could have left at any time.

A closer look at what the two supposedly admitted to is in order. Despite all the mentions of scary encryptian devices and shortwave radios, the Alvarez's main preoccupation was little more than political analysis of Cuban-American affairs. From the indictments, it appears the most work was reports on the dangerous activities of Miami groups, many of whom have histories of violence and terrorism on the island. They wrote personality profiles on different Cuban-exile leaders and influential politicians. They wrote papers on the changing attitudes of population on Cuba issues. Big freakin deal!

Depite press reports to the contrary, no evidence has surfaced linking the couple to recriutment of young people to the Revolutionary cause. No U.S. government or military information was sent to Cuban officials, law-enforcement officials said. No payment was received for the work ever.

The hypocrisy of these arrests is perfect. They come, not coincidentally, at the same time the US is seriously considering letting the biggest terrorist in the Western Hemisphere go - Luis Posada Carriles. The problem apparently being that he is OUR terrorist, with loads of stories to tell.

It also comes 2 years after the world threw a collective fit at the arrest of 75 so-called dissidents in Cuba for far more dangerous and illegal work on behalf od the United States. The major difference between the 75 and these 2 being that the Alvarez's were not attempting to undermine the Government that charged them. The 75 were all connected to the US government, had recieved payment, resources or instruction - in order to justify an illegal blockade. If just working for an enemy government is enough to get arrested, then why don't Cuban-Americans understand that is why the 75 are in jail - and others who don't like Castro are not.


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