Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Robertson Story, from Tucker Carlson

I really am not a good "blogger." Though I posted the Robertson story here before ANY mainstream media had covered it (you think I wanted to post the pro-Chavez VHeadline.com link?), I did not once think of posting my wider thoughts on it.

To be honest, I didn't realize what a story it was becoming until late at work... though I was pleasantly suprised that the LA Times ran it. I thought the story would be like a long line of outrageous and amazingly interesting developments centered around Cuba, (insert socialist president here) and the US that got ignored.

But it is sitting here watching moderate Tucker Carlson, cover the event that really gets my juices going. Here is a rough trancsript:

He (Tucker) is only covering this story because of the "grotesque media overreaction"... he says this with a straight face, with his silly Family Fued bar on his left listing more nothingness on the Natalie Halloway story coming up next. There are always media overreactions, but the people have chosen it on Technorati (#1), google and yahoo.

Then he says we all know "the press hates evangelicals and that "Pat Robertson represents no one"... except the 2 million Christian Coalition members of the government empowered political movement he founded and the GOP heavyweights he's buddy-buddy with.

Then the meat: "What he (Robertson) said is not that far out. Chavez is a serious threat", who "gave a million dollars to Bin Laden", had his political opponents murdered during street protests, and is friends to sadaam hussein, libya and iran." WHOA, WHOA buddy.... I guess it is not that far out for someone who says he admired the terrorist attack on Greenpeace activists off French waters. He is right about one thing. Chavez IS a threat... to US hegemony and fragile oil supplies. But a million dollars to Bin Laden, damn, that takes the cake. Like he needs the money and needs to go to Latin America to get it. The right is even circulating stories I've seen today implying that say Chavez is giving passports to Arab terrorists.

But that crap about the murder is really dangerous, particularly given the awful (declassified) truth about that day. Does Tucker not know or not care to know that more Pro-Chavez protesters were shot than opposition, that all victims were random and not assassinated, that the protest turning violent appeared to be the main motive for the coup plotters that day, that shots likely came from coup plotters, and that the US Government lies that day about the day's events that happened to match the coup ploters exactly. Oh, I can see why powerful folks in Washington need to propgate these lies.

And what have the the good liberals on all these shows said in response to charges like these and worse?Not a damn word. Obviously we can't expect lazy democrat pundits to know the first thing about what's going on politically south of us, nor to stand in the way of slanderous defamations about one of the most popular leaders in South America who happens to be a card-carrying socialist.


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