Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ecuadorian Tragedy

A couple bad days around the equator, two terrible tragedies in Venezuela and now
off the coast of Ecuador, with at least 100 would-be migrants killed when a 15-person
boat capsized. This brings to the fore some things about migration Americans don't understand.

A quick quiz:

1) From what country do the most people caught at sea since 1999 by our Coast Guard
come from? A) Dominican Republic, B) Cuba, C) China, D) Haiti?

2) From what country, Cuba or Ecuador, do more migrants arrive in the US every year?

3) What is the only country who's citizens are entitled to automatic US citizenship upon landing on US shores? Who also often receives job-training help, housing assistance and food stamps?


1) A - Thousands more Dominicans and Haitians have been stopped than Cubans, who
are 3rd. Ecuadorians are close behind. (and note the distance from Havana (90 miles) vs. Port Au Price, Santiago or Quito). Yet who makes the news more than Cubans? I guess we've found the media ratio: 100 Ecuadorians equals 5 Cubans on page 5.

2) At least five times as many Ecuadorians have made their way to the US than Cubans in the last 5 years. Half a million (1 of 25) Ecuadorians have left since they dollarized the economy and gave IMF control. The middle class has vanished....poof.

3) You guessed it, I hope.


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