Monday, January 31, 2005

Getting lost in the Pacific Drift

There's an exciting new locally-produced public radio show in the LA area (about the LA area). It's being
produced by Ben Adair, a recent aquaintance of mine. He used to produce one
of my favorite NPR shows - The Savvy Traveller.

Pacific Drift, 9pm Sunday Evenings, 98.3 KPCC
Using the lenses of art, culture, and documentary to explore issues specific to Southern California, Pacific Drift focuses on untouched artistic resources in and around the region- both established and emerging artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and performers. Pacific Drift also features documentaries about life in Southern California. Read more about Pacific Drift
(from their webpage:

You can catch the archived show at the URL above.

The first show features urban explorers, a Twentynine Palms preservation story and to the possible links between nannotechnology and yoga.

The show reminds me a bit of Chicago public radio's "8:48" show.


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