Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ukraine - The Typical Media Bias

As dramatic events are rolling across the Ukraine and its capital Kiev today, several things just can not be pointed out enough. The average American knows nothing of Ukraine, except perhaps that it has good gymnasts and is one of those places that may or may not have been part of the Evil Empire. Those watching the news or reading their local paper this past week have heard about an election involving a pro-Western (or liberal) opposition candidate and pro-Russian, autocrat in the making who deals in poisoning opponents.

Now we have had an election where some of the US-funded exit polling appears to have been wrong (and some of it was right), which triggered Richard Lugar (R) and the EU's Netherlands-chief (conservative) to express complete outrage. The allegations, whether substantiated or large-scale enought to tip the 3 point margin, have caught on in the Western press as proof of a fradualant eleciton, giving the young hooligans and fortunatge capitalists of Kiev to push their well-planned protests - and perhaps stepped up provocation and violence. Pre-made tents were set up in the city center with army-like precision and from the rock concerts to the orange scarves seems aimed squarely at western eyes.

Nevermind the fact that full election results have not been announced, that Ukraine has a established legal process to take up claims of fraud, that I have seen no proof of the allegations and that the US and its proxies in certain capitals see this election as vital to their national interests. I am afraid that this is an example of the 21st Century method of getting Western-backed leaders in power - along with kidnappings called resignations (Haiti, Palestine and Venezuela).


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