Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Powell Had List of Demands That Bush Refused

From the Washington Post, November 16th
..."one government official with personal knowledge of the situation said Powell had second thoughts and had prepared a list of conditions under which he would be willing to stay. They included greater engagement with Iran and a harder line with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."

Well, it seems clear that the Bush Administration is determined to have none of this. It's intention is to clean house of any voice of mederation in their quest to rewrite the rules of Empire. Along with Alberto Gonzales and the CIA desertions, it is plain to see there is a purge going on and that loyalty and consolidation matter most. Bush must truly believe this mandate business. Now the only bastion of people thinking about the reprocussions of hegemony in the Adminstration - the CIA and State Department - are decimated. Let the fun begin!


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