Friday, July 16, 2004

Limewire Download List 7/16/04

DJ Mitsu F/ Dwele - Right Here - Who kills this more - Dwele or Mitswho?
Sia - Where I Belong
Jean Grae - Keep Livin
RJD2 - Act 2 (already got Take it Back)
Nuyorican Soul cuts that I was missing
Viktor Vaughn - Mr. Clean - nice futuristic action
Visionaries - If You Can't Say Love (aawwwwwww)
"Don't You Worry Bout a Thing" - Sergio Mendes/Tito Puente/
Pete Rock f/ Jay Dill- Niggaz Know
Melisa Morgan - Fools Paradise
Nas - Theif's Theme
New Sector Movements - The Show
Slum Village - Things We Do
Kid n Play - Do This My Way

Me and my man Steve from the acid-jazz listserv were having a back and forth on the topic of "is capitalism good for music. So I thought I'd post this. Not on music (check the Cuban hip-hop story below) but talks about the never-ending quest good socialists have in getting 100% of the country culture (by building Radio Stations and TV Rooms(AVs/Movies/rehearsal speaces) in the most remote areas. Our system can't even conceive of doing something like this. They're screwed and good old towns empty by the thousands every day.

New sounds in a silent zone

"global poverty that we accept so commonly turns people into property - one step from hell"-- lyrics born "last


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