Friday, July 16, 2004

Why Haven't We Heard More About Iraq's PM Allawi Terrorist History? 

It is bad enough that we recruited some son of a one of the richest families and a guy who spent most of his life in London. But the fact that this guy was also a known assassin and is responsible for bowing up school buses full of children as recently as 10 years ago - as lead agent of covert CIA operations - really should be raising some red flags in the media.
These are not disputed facts, as far as I can tell. This is a guy who was recruited into the Baath Party for much the same reasons as Saddam Hussein - for his ruthlessness and skill in killing opponents. He moves to London and works at this job for a bit, then breaks with the Party. He does the logical thing, and hooks up with the UK's intelligence services. Saddam finds out and tries to have him hacked. Now it's personal and Allawi organizes others like him into a front group for the CIA's and M16's activities in Iraq, which soon turn to terrorism - in an attempt to destabilize the regime. No such luck - but untold are killed in bombs in the capital instead. One bomb exploded in a movie theater. Finally, in the run-up to war Allawi provides the final link the UK needs to justify war - the now ridiculed "45 minute" claim about Iraq's ability to deliver WMDs in such time. But he shows his loyalty to the cause and willingness to lie - perfect attributes for the CIA-led political process - and is rewarded by the US with a spot on the Governing Council. Showing himself to be one of the more popular figures (because of the utter unfitness of most Council members) with his Shiite background and original Baathist ideology, he is chosen to lead the country. So much for a "war on terrorism." Anyone who knows anything about the CIA's work around t
he world knows that the US never has a problem with terror when it is directed by the US and our allies. As a former US official who worked with Allawi during his bombing spree (another of which exploded in front of a newspaper office, killing women and children), "No one had any problem with sabotage in Baghdad back then..."
What are the first signs of Mr. Allawi's leadership style? Well reports say that police immediately started to use rough tactics on the streets of Baghdad, and implying the use of torture. 500 are rounded up in one neighborhood, but residents say the real criminals are not touched. The next day Allawi institutes a new special intelligence service, that will sound quite familiar to Iraqis. Today, one can imagine that few people in the US have a problem with strong armed tactics, rule of law or the recreation of secret intelligence services acting in the night.
This is a joke and it is only because everything else is going so bad that the press can't be bothered to heap it onBy any objective measure, we giving this man a free pass.  The American people deserve to know the truth about our new man in Baghdad.


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