Thursday, July 22, 2004

Free Breasts Implants, Liposuction, Nose-Jobs are New Recruiting Tool
Only in America will taxpayers pay for the disfigurement of our fellow citizens - but not cover health care for all. So now we will be able to add insecure Hollywood wanna be's to the potential recruiter's target list. We kick out thousands of homeosexuals from the military because of their supposed harmful affect on the military, but having huge tits flopping around on the battlefield with guys who haven't got laid in 2 years is no concern.

On the Filipino Hostage Release
I was in a Filipino restaurant last night and they were running non-stop coverage from the Phillipines on the hostage release issue. It made me think. I might disagree with some of my leftist friends here, but I am not so sure that bowing to terrorist demands in this manner was a good idea. We have already seen 6 hostages taken the very next day. In situations like this, if terrorists see terrorism working - it will continue. Sacrificing one person for the good of the rest of the desperate foreign workers in Iraq seems like the humanitarian thing to do. Of course, not allowing one's residents there in the first place, seems like the smart thing.

Politically, yes - this will help President Arroyo, but she just won an election less than a month ago. Is she that insecure? No doubt a bit part of it stems from the fact that the hostage - Delacruz - was from the same province as the President. If she had done nothing the wrath of her countrymen would have been greatest there. On the other hand, of course, the pull-out of 50 troops is insignificant militarily and was going to be done in a few weeks anyhow.

I do admire the decision for one reason thought. This is that a small country, traditionally subserviant to the US. Here, it asserted its independence. I got the sense reading e-mail messages flash across the Filipino restaurant's TV screen, that this is what Filipino's are most proud of.


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