Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Garth Trinidad - You'll Be Missed
Is there a better radio station in the country than KCRW 89.3 - Los Angeles/Santa Monica? And on KCRW, os there a better show than Chocolate City, hosted by Garth Trinidad. He isusually on my box 5 days a week, but that is about to change when he moves to Sat night only! It really will make life worse. He is urging us to understand (its about family) and of course we should. But my life, the LA music scene and his 75,000 other listeners, will be the worse for it.

If you don't know (and care), the show transverses the past, present and future of soulful music - with equal eyes to the hip-hop, soul and boogie crowds. And this is not just some college radio show that no one listens to. To me, this show, along with the strong followings by fellow KCRWer Jason Bently and KPFKs Carlos Nino, is the main reason I have found LA has such a strong music scene. People buy records and show up at shows (and artists come here) because they know the music. There is a built-in strong fan base for music that shows up on the airwaves here. It is the nearest we have to a Radio 1 - radio that is far reaching (at least in the entire LA area), diverse and committed to individual good taste and old fashioned djing. Now if we just had something like this nationwide.

Seiji and Domu - live on the air tonight, from 10-2, live from the the Transistor Lounge and StreetsRadio.


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