Friday, October 06, 2006

U.S. Refuses to Classify Alleged Bomber as Terrorist

The young Luis Posada Carriles being brought to jail in Venezuela after the plane bombing in 1976. He would later mysteriously excape jail (most believe the CIA and Venezuelan intelligence service - DISIP - sprung him).

National Public Radio
Tom Gjelten

Morning Edition, October 6, 2006 ยท Thirty years ago Friday, a Cuban airliner blew up in mid-air, killing all 73 people aboard. U.S. officials later concluded that a violently anti-Castro Cuban exile named Luis Posada Carriles helped plan the bombing. But Thursday the Justice Department refused to classify Posada, who is in jail for immigration violations, as a terrorist.

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So we had a (in)decision yesterday:

The same US Department of Justice that refuses to classify Luis Posada Carriles officially as a a "terrorist," decided to keep Posada in jail - for now. The lawyer's objections to his release was based on the fact that Carriles is "an unrepentant criminal and admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks on tourist sites."

So "admitted masterminds" of plane bombings are not terrorists. Very interesting side-step the Administration is performing. They certainly don't want a trial, as that would expose the CIA's knowledge and perhaps complicity of the events. But we also can't set him free, as that may seem a tad hypocritical to those paying attention (and trust me, all Foriegn Ministers were). So the solultion is eloquent - hold him in immigration charges until we find a submissive enough country. So far, we've had no takers for obvious reasons.


Blogger jsb said...

Leftside refuses to classify Americans in Cuba as terrorists.

Let's see, we have one terrorist and they have how many? Would you support a trade of Posada for even one of the criminals Castro is shielding from prosecution in the USA?

If not, then readers should see you for the hypocritical, anti-american opportunist, that you are.

8:23 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

Give me a break. First off, Posada is wanted by Venezuela, not Cuba. Second, comparing a plane bomber and planter of numerous bombs designed to kill tourists does not compare to the dozen or so common criminals in refuge in Cuba. Even the murderers hiding in Cuba, if true, are not a terrorists - under any definition. Third, for them to be transferred here, the US would have to sign an extradition agreement. And that would mean the hundreds of Cuban criminals in jail here (including murderers) would need to be transferred to Cuba. So the ball is clearly in our hands.

But keep calling me names JScott.

9:13 AM  

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