Monday, September 25, 2006

Free the Cuban Five NOW

Francisco Letelier, whose father, Orlando Letelier, was assassinated 30 years ago Thursday in Washington, leads a march against terrorism in Washington DC this weekend. Letelier, who lives in Los Angeles, called on the United States to declare Cuban exile militant Posada Carilles a terrorist so that he could remain in US custody and not be released, as was recommended by a Federal Judge last week.

The march of 600 people also called for the release of the "Cuban Five." The five men were arrested for "failing to register as foreign agents" (not as spies) after Cuba disclosed to the FBI that terrorist plans were being hatched in Miami. Instead of going after the plotters, the US Government went after those responsible for the warning - five Cuban men who had infiltrated anti-Castro extremist groups and discovered plots intended for US soil. They have been in prison for 5 years now, despite a judges ruling that found the trial jury unacceptably biased and the fact that others accused of the same crime - but for Saddam Hussein - were let out on bail last week.

One US news outlet covered the event, where each of the 71 names of those killed on a 1976 Cubana Airline was read alound - follow by "JUSTICIA." Posada Carriles has all but admitted responsibility for the bombing, but appears weeks from his release from detainment. It appears the wrath of the Cuban-American community trumps any semblence of justice in the "War on Terror" -as we define it.


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