Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fidel To Lead Cuba Again, Herald Backtracks

Jesus Diaz, powerful publisher of the Miami Herald, resigned yesterday. But not before he backtracked by rehiring 3 "journalists" he had fired a week earlier for not reporting the money they received from the US Government to report anti-Castro propaganda. The surprises never cease to amaze when you're a Cuba-watcher.

Also, on Tuesday a poll was released in Miami that said 88% of Cuban-Americans in South Florida believe the era of Fidel Castro is over. If you would have asked a month ago, the same percent probably thought he was dead. Instead, yesterday, it was announced Fidel will be returning to power. So the eternal question again arises; Why are the Cuban-Americans so out of touch with reality and why whould we then let them set our Cuba policy, rather than true experts, who mostly correctly predicted the current stability of the Revolution? Why do we continue a failed policy based on wrong assumptions (that Cuba is in crisis mode)?

Is it because their trusty beacon of free press (Miami Herald) has been preventing the truth from coming out for years, under (ex) Publisher Pedro Diaz? If he flipped his wig over this satirical (but still very anti-Castro) article, what else has he not let through the doors? The new owners (McClatchy) appear to be saying the days of a biased publisher deciding the news are over. Lets hope the editors are better and the Cuban people of south Florida begin to find out what is really happening on the island 90 miles away.


Blogger jsb said...

"Instead, yesterday, it was announced Fidel will be returning to power."

Keep dreaming. Do you think he's immortal?

8:25 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

The dreamers are those who thought he was already dead, as well as those who believe US propoganda and think he is on his death bed. We will soon see. Maybe he has cancer, but the foreign Minister would not tell the nation he is coming back if he wasn't.

9:03 AM  

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