Sunday, February 12, 2006

Haiti: Republican US Group Interferes in Haitian Elections

Evidence has been produced by a Freedom of Information Act request by that proves the International Republican Institure (IRI) illegally interfered in the political party politics prior to last week's election in Haiti.

Apparently, the IRI conved "left of center" anti-Lavalas (Aristide) parties, including OPL, PANPRA, KONAKOM, Ayiti Kapab and Marc Levin ("moderaete Lavalas") and was sucessful in convicning them to form a united front vs. Preval. This type of forced hands-holding has become a US sepcialty in Latin American countries. Under the guise of democracy building, US candidate building is being promoted not only by the IRI, but also NED, USAID and others.

This is exactly the type of work going on in Venezuela.


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