Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Costa Rica: Election Results Yield Switch

Two weeks after it appeared ex-President Oscar Arias was headed towards victory in the election for Costa Rican President, indications are that the lead has switched. As things stand now the more left-wing, ANTI-CAFTA candidate Otton Solis, is leading by a full percentage point:

From the BBC:
Otton Solis is now leading the presidential contest

Two weeks after Costa Rica's election, there is still no decision on which candidate will be named president.

With 80% of the votes manually recounted, centre-leftist Otton Solis is now leading with 41.4%, while Nobel laureate Oscar Arias has 40.1%.

After the initial count, former President Arias had a lead of less than 0.3% over his rival, one of the closest finishes in Costa Rica's history.

The Supreme Electoral Council has not said when the outcome will be released. But it said it hoped to finish the manual recount by Wednesday. More


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And apparently the lead has switched again:

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