Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Syria: US and Western Press Eat SeriousCrow

An amazing turn of events in the Syria-Lebanon-Hariri matter has been unfolding in the last week. Most of it has (not suprisingly) gone under the radar until the NYTimes put it on the front page today.

Turns out that guy who said he saw the Syrian intelligence van being packed with explosives, and that Assad's half-brother was involved, and who quoted the Syrian official talking about an impending "earthquake" - was spinning dangerous tales. And he's not alone, it seems all the main stories contained in the so-called "damning," "conclusive" UN Report condemning Syria for assassinating their neighbor's President was all Bullshit! OOOPPPS!!!

And this comes on a day contained another great 1, 2 combo. First, the US State Department, no doubt told to stay on the offiensive, came out withy a ridicuous new low, saying saying "Syria is on the side of terrorists." A bit later Syria happens to have a friendly shoot-out bust with said Islamic terrorists, leaving 6 wounded and disrupting a deadly group.

But the real story is that the NY Times has finally broken the Western Press's silence on the matter of the diappearing case against Syria. Not only has the main "witness" flipped sides, but the other 3 are no longer credible:

>NYTIMES, DEC 7, 2005
DAMASCUS, Syria, Dec. 6 - The United Nations investigation into the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri, is beginning to show some cracks: one witness is dead, another is in jail and still another has recanted his testimony with a fantastic story of abduction, drugging and bribery.

(the developments)" have at least raised questions about the validity of crucial evidence supporting the charge that the Syrian state was responsible for Mr. Hariri's assassination, according to Western diplomats based in Syria and a draft of an interim report by the United Nations investigator, Detlev Mehlis."


Blogger jsb said...

Is there any enemy of free people that you WON'T go to bat for? You and David Duke are actually on the same page. Sad.

8:31 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

What is sad JScott, is the way the United States and then entire Western press corps considered Syria guilty of a heinous act on the basis of a report that is now looking like it can be completely scrapped. Every editorial writer who wrote pieces condemning Syria in the harshest tones is an enemy of due process, the foundation of justice.

Writing a piece calling out blinding anti-Syrian zealotry does not equal unequivocal support. Or are we still in the age of choosing between Bush's views or being against freedom? Didn't we learn our lessons of how bias can blind intelligence in Iraq? Ask Scott Ritter or check the Senate intelligence report on pre-war Iraq. Before we make a similar mistake in Syria, I think it's critical jouralists do their job in informing the public.

And I can list you nearly the entire Middle East if you want to know of regimes I can not support... most of them backed fiercely by the US Government. Syria, while not perfect, does at least give equal rights to women, respects religious diversity and strives for justice. Assad has already opened up the country a lot. Ask the people of the Gulf how free they are when a family clan, US interests and the Koran controls their destiny... or the murdered Kurds of Turkey, the jailed opposition in Egypt, or those in jail in Morocco about their freedom.

David Duke's anti-Semietic points about Syria have nothing to do with mine.

11:51 AM  
Blogger jsb said...

And the Srebenicia massacre was made up as well, right? A CIA, anti-Slobodon campaign, no doubt.

11:49 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

Umm... no Srebencia was an awful massacre. Where is the right's outrage over the tens of thousands killed in Colombia for their ideas (union activists, clergy, leftists neighborhood leaders, etc.)?

12:11 PM  

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