Monday, December 05, 2005

Venezuela: Mass Suicide and/or Haiti Pt. 2?

With the results of today's boycotted Parlimentary elections in Venezuela known early on, we can already read and hear the way the "Opposition" is trying to spin the story of their annihilation as a political force. On the BBC World I heard an oppositon leading calling the results a success and another said the vote was a ddefeat for Chavez. When preessed why gettng kicked out of the political system was good, she sad because "the internatonal community will now pay attention."

That is as much honesty as we can hope for from the opposition parties. I am sure there are good people out there who don't like Chavez because they were taught the evils of socialism, and others are scared they may not benefit as much as others from it (the business elite). But they must now realize that their preferred Right-Wing parties have failed them and the country with this cowardly action.

They are also claiming that the relatively low turnout (said to be 25% at the moment) showed the people were actually rejecting Chavez. Of course this is a lie. Don't they understand that it an election has been conceded, there is not much incentive for ANYONE to vote. 25% approaches what we'd be happy for in many states for Congressional races.

Everyone who has followed the story knows the opposition was set to get trounced in the poll - with most predicting a 2/3 margin being achived by Chavez's MVR coalition. That is the main fact here we can't forget... and it appears most US reports are omitting it. The other point is that the opposition's claims of election fraus have been widely discredited. This would be like Democrats boycotting the Congressional election after Mondale got trounced.

An excellent Red Pepper analysis concentrates on the notion of mass "political suicide" (like Lemmings) and even mantions what I thought of when first hearing of the boycott plan a week ago - the apparent copying of similarly decrepit "opposition" tactics in Haiti to Aristide... before he was snatched up by US forces.

So then we get back to the importance the opposition is apparently placing in the "International Community," ie. the United States. As they have chosen to totally divorce themselves from Democratic solutions, I suspect we will be seeing more f these moves designed for US public consumption to further paint Chavez as a Dictator. And I must say that I also fear that the acts of terrorism (numerous sabotage and bombing attempts) we saw today may not be so rare any more.

Needless to say, the next few years should be real interesting - both in the Chavez Government's policy arena and with whatever the opposition's next steps are.


Blogger jsb said...

That's 25% of the registered electorate. So much for 70% approval. The emporer Chavez has no clothes.

8:33 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

Is it really that hard to understand that if there is
no contest that voting in the rain is a waste of time?
Would you vote for the Republicans if there were no
Democats in the race? 2% could have voted and it would
have been the same result. The fact is that voting
participation under Chavez is the best it has ever
been in Venezuela.

All the opposition has is sabotage - economic with the
strike and now political. Your only hope is
intervention. That is made clear by all the
Opposition's pronouncements since the election. It is
pathetic and disgusting, not to say incredibly stupid.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

get your head our of yer a**

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The REAL ELECTION STORY is that the vast majority (83% and counting upwards as we await the final tally of null votes)of voting age Venezuelans opted to BOYCOTT the quintessential act in any democracy because they had no other

means to effectively express their opposition, fear, lack of confidence, or loss of patience at the way the political

elite – those in power and those sensibly powerless – have been conducting the affairs of the State.

The clear losers here were the authoritarian government and the political parties that failed to hear and interpret both a nation's plea and its deafening silence.

The TRUE STORY here is that after 7 years people are fed up with all things Chávez. This may not mean they are ready to go back to the now "100% demonized past," but it certainly means that Chávez has been robbed of the weapon that

made him so menacing. No longer can he state ANYWHERE that his crooked brand of populism is backed by

those he proclaims to be helping.

This Sunday's election proves that the only gullible people around are those that failed to understand the true story by the time the polls opened, or worse those who continue to insist on the contrary after the votes were counted and the

damming observer's reports were delivered.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love you reach for any straw you can grasp. But the sad fact is, you didn't win. You forfeited. And with the victory a foregone conclusion, I'm sure a lot of Chavistas felt no real need to turn out anyway.

Not having a platform to offer that anyone would want to vote for must seriously suck. LOL!

10:34 PM  

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