Wednesday, September 28, 2005

US Sides With Biggest Terrorist of North America

The global "War on Terrorism" is officially over, and you couldn't even read about it in your newspaper let alone "news channel." Any shred of credibility it had left disappeared yesterday when a US judge ruled that Cuban-American terrorist mastermind Luis Posada Carriles MAY NOT be deported to Venezuela, where an extradition request has been filed in connection to an airline bombing that killed 73 people, which Posada has ADMITTED to on tape and the CIA hadconcrete upfront knowledge of.

Predictably, but exremely cynically, the Judge ruled Posada could not be returned because Posada faced a supposed threat of torture in Venezuela. This despite the US Government having to admit that there is NO EVIDENCE that Venezuela uses torture. It is even more rich considering that Posada (nevermind Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib) is Venezuela's last torturer himself, with his victims still alive in Venezuela (he was head of the feared intelligence agency there when they were hunting down leftists).

Under Bush's famous declataion then, who is harboring the Western Hemisphere's biggest terrorist? Who is refusing to extradite a terrorist, despite the historic post 9/11 UN agreements to do so no questions asked? Who has decided to turn a volumous terrorism case into a ICE extradition hearing? Who saw fit to put at risk all the Post 9/11 goodwill? Who saw fit to not even handcuff this man upon catchng him? Who allowed him to sit and flaunt his freedom in Miami until the embarrassment reached too high? Who has also freed his terrorist accomplice, Orlando Bosch, in a pitifully reminsescent scene?

But the real question is why is this sickening and hypocritical injustice happening? Why is this man worth protecting so much? The answer is very simple, yet apparently too uncomfortable for ANY US MEDIA to attempt to even address, let alone answer. The answer is that he was doing his terrorism for us. For you and me. We paid for his training, for the bombs, for his high-profile lifestyle. He knows far too much about State crime, and therefore he must be protected from justice.

The case has been closely watched by the politically powerful anti-Castro Cuban-American community, whose leaders say Posada should be freed and allowed to live in Miami.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:30 PM  
Blogger jsb said...

And of the terrorists that Chavez and Castro support? Oh, wait, they're revolutionaries, not terrorists.

11:51 AM  
Blogger jsb said...

Marxist leaders supporting terrorists:

Chavez supports FARC:

Chavez support for terrorism:

Chavez supports international terrorists:

Readers should know that the author of this blog supports socialists no matter the crimes against humanity that they may commit. Students should look to similarities between the apologists of today and stalin apologists of recent history, who supported Stalin to the bitter end despite his crimes because they thought cost benefit ratio of socialism merited support of Stalin. I encourage students to read The Black Book of Communism.

11:56 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

Thanks for the warnings J.Scott, but you realy don't know me that well to say that i apologize for stalin (lenin yes). Do you even know anything about this idealogy you hate so much? Do you know that nearly all russians and socialists repudiated Stalin's methods after they learned of the crimes? But I have to add that we might be speaking German and Japanese right now if it wasn't for him. Ask Churchill or Roosevelt.

There is nothng to link Chavez, Castro or anyone else of note on the left to terrorism. Only Columbia has a problem today and cocaine (the West) is a big reason for that.

Your 1st link exposes the apparent evilness of (latin) intellectuals lightly criticizing a government for unlawfully kidnapping a FARC leader on foreign soil. Yeah he's a terrorist and the US shows no problem now extralegally kidnapping and killing terrorist suspects .

2nd and 3rd links are right-wing hack sites that try but fail to assert Chavez has purposefully aided and abetted terrorists. Everyone knows these are convenient lies (the rifles, the $1 million to al qeeda, the iranian terrorist link). There is no semblence of significant evidence anywhere in there.

And the reason you never see a book that attempts tp tally the cost of capitalism, is that is is uncalcuable. Think hunger, disease, slavery, the environment, wars for resources, etc.

1:03 AM  

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