Monday, September 19, 2005

Chavez on ABC: Evidence Bush planned to invade Venezuela

President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, left, and New York Congressman, Jose Serrano greet community members as they arrive at the 'Point Community Development Corporation' in New York's South Bronx

From the DailyKos, a 200 comment long discussion about Hugo Chavez and the numerous stories swirling about.... his UN speech, Robertson, the US's decertification of their drug war cooperation (despuite record seizures), his trip to the South Bronx, and now this:

Hugo Chavez blasted the Bush administration in a lengthy interview with Ted Koppel in New York on Nightline last night. It was one of the most devastating attacks on Bush that I have ever seen aired on network TV. Chavez described his attempts to build a solid relationship of mutual respect with the US and his success under the Clinton administration, which he contrasted to the hostile, lawless, and disingenuous behavior of Bush.

One charge was especially explosive. Chavez said that he does in fact possess documentation about a secret US plan to invade Venezuela, codenamed Operation Balboa. He said that an aircraft carrier had been sent to the Caribbean recently to conduct exercises related to Balboa. Koppel interrupted him to confirm that Chavez was claiming to have actual evidence of this plan, and he asked Chavez if he would hand over the evidence to ABC. Chavez said that he would give some of the evidence to Koppel.

"You hit me on one cheek, and I'll try to respond by helping you, I don't care. We're not doing this for the administration. We're doing it for the people of the United States," the left-wing leader said.

"Sometimes I make mistakes, I tend to respond to any official from the government of Mr. Bush who verbally attacks Venezuela," Chavez said during a speech at a Manhattan church. He acknowledged that he has occasionally "gone too far with words" when responding to U.S. officials who criticize his government, and he said his criticism of the Bush administration has sometimes been misunderstood as attacks against the American public.

Chavez also echoed a common urban planning critique regarding the massive amounts of driver-only cars chugging oil found on US shighways as a reason why "the world cannot afford the US lifestyle."


Blogger Mark D. Glesne said...

Haha!! Invade Venezuela. Haha!! What a joke.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Mark D. Glesne said...

"He said U.S. soldiers recently went to Curacao, an island off Venezuela's northwest coast. He described as a 'lie' the official U.S. explanation that they visited Curacao for rest and recreation.

"They were doing movements. They were doing maneuvers,' Chavez said, speaking through a translator.

"He added: 'We are coming up with the counter-Balboa plan. That is to say if the government of the United States attempts to commit the foolhardy enterprise of attacking us, it would be embarked on a 100-year war. We are prepared."

I don't know what's funnier, Chavez thinking that we were going to invade his country - or Chavez thinking that if for some reason we actually did, that the Venezuelan military could possibly defend themselves against us. Haha!!

First of all, the military does "movements" all the time in places like Curacao, but we don't invade their countries. We go to places like Thailand, for recreation but never visit somewhere without taking advantage of training opportunities.

You liberals really have no idea about anything remotely pertaining to the US military. Matthew, I think it's time you left this horrible country of our's and moved to the beacon of freedom that is Cuba. Your time has come. God speed!!

Haha!! Invade Venezuela. Haha!!

3:25 AM  
Blogger jsb said...

I'd laugh too, Mark. But the sad thing is that Matthew believes all of this, hook, line and sinker. I wish he would move to Cuba for more than a visit. Perhaps he'd see the reality of the oppression he has become an apologist for...

6:57 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

It's not about me believing Chavez or not. It is his people who believe in him and the world community, which increasingly looks to Chavez and Cuba's model as the answer to the seemingly insurmountable problems their countries face inregards to poverty, inequality, injustice, education, health and housing (evidenced by the massive global support he received in NYC) .

And Mark it would not just be Venezuelan troops defending Venezuela, it would be most of Latin America and the world. And if we can't defeat a people's will in Vietnam or Iraq, what makes you think we can take on a whole continent? We already tried the non-violent coup to a failed effect, so if you were Chavez maybe you wouldn't be laughing when you learn of such plans. I personally believe the spotlight has been shining too much on Chavez lately to allow more shenanigans, but you never know with the folks running Bush's Latin American policy. They are losing their war with the Castro-left in Latin America, ruined Haiti, are wasting billions in Colombia, are impotent in the chaotic Andes, have few friends, so they desperately need a socialist notch on their belt.

If I had a dime every time a freedom lover told me to leave this country, rather than respond to the actual facts as presented I'd be rich. Cheers Mark.

11:13 AM  
Blogger jsb said...

"It's not about me believing Chavez or not."

But just for the record, you DO believe him, don't you. I think it's important for readers of this blog to know, so they can judge for themselves whether you are a credible source of information. You do believe him. And you believe Castro too. Go ahead and tell your readers. You're a true believer.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Mark D. Glesne said...

Haha, Matt, you're too much fun. The facts are non-existent! Chavez has only said he believes this, without proof. Oh wait, I'm sure you're waiting for those documents he'll be sending over to the network news anchors - we all know how credible those have turned out to be.

And just for the record, dear cousin(!), are you trying to seriously talk to me about the will of the Iraqi people while you sit comfortably in your home in LA? I was out on a combat patrol just yesterday (and the day before, and the day before...) speaking to locals, talking with Iraqi Army and Iraqi police officers ... are you seriously trying to tell me about their will?

Oh, by the way, US Forces from all branches of our brilliant military just completed the largest movement/training op of the year in Egypt (operation Brightstar). We're talking the whole shabang! Funny, I haven't heard Mubarak spreading rumors about the US invading Egypt.


3:12 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

J.Scott, you outed me. I've been trying to hide it. But yes, it is true that I am a believer in socialism as the only hope for a peaceful, just, humane, sustainable future.

But I don't believe every word out of Chavez's mouth, just as you should not believe everthing Bush tells you. I don't know if there are plans or not, but I read today there ARE plans to respond if we do something to compel Chavez to turn off the oil spiggits. And there are plans being acted upon to spread lies about Chavez's destabilization of the region and lack of democracy (both bullshit). And there are plans to get other Latin leaders to publicly repudiate Chavez (to no effect). Military contengency plans for such a sensitive country (read: oil rich) should not be discouted. And you must understand a little about intelligence, in that you don't reveal your sources unless you have to.

Mark, certainly I would hope you know more about the Iraqi will than I. I was not discounting your everyday experience with Iraqs that I sincerely hope is indeed positive. But polls have consistently shown that a majority of Iraqis want the US out of Iraq. And even if they are not the majority, you must know too well that the will of the Iraqi insurgency is alive and well. They are a determined and committed lot, who I doubt will ever be defeated without a political solution, along with military, police and intelligence action.

11:36 AM  

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