Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chavez Supporters Won 80% of Local Offices in Venezuela

From Venezuela Analysis (a
Caracas, Venezuela, August 10, 2005 —

Chavez’s party, the Fifth Republic Movement (MVR), along with other allied parties of the pro-Chavez coalition, won 80% of the city and district council seats that were up for a vote last Sunday. Of these, members of Chavez’s own MVR party won 58% of the seats.

The announcement of the number of seats pro-Chavez candidates won was made Monday by MVR National Assembly member Willian Lara, who explained that MVR candidates won 1,383 out of 2,389 city council seats. If confirmed, this means that MVR candidates won 888 more city council seats than they had won in the last local elections in December 2000, when they won only 495 seats. The successes of other parties in Chavez's governing coalition, such as Podemos, PPT (Fatherland for all), and PCV (Communist Party of Venezuela) increase this margin further.



Blogger halcyon67 said...

I am glad to see that I found someone who shares my love of Venezuelan politics.

Chavez is gaining too much power too quickly. I know I sound like a Bush Administration official, but it can be detrimental to Chavez in the long run.

Do they have fusion candidates in Venezuela? I think they do based on the "fusing" of parties.

Chavez, is a great President I think. I think he is going to lead Ven. into a socialist state. He was quoted as saying, "Socialism is the only way." We will have to see.

It will be interesting what the Bush Administration has to say since Ven. just made an arms deal with China.

7:36 AM  

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